Adi Hollander


Co-founder of the Amsterdam-based artist initiative Public Space With a Roof active since 2003, Adi Hollander holds a MS degree in Art, Culture and Technology from the MIT. Hollander’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in the Netherlands and internationally. In her work, she creates site-specific installations as places of exchange which take form of objects and sculptures that can be experienced simultaneously as interiors and exteriors. The source of this interest comes from Hollander’s fascination with the concept of time in the domain of architecture, as well as with the question of how form and structure allow spectators to actively develop the environments they are part of. Her projects are an attempt to embody a certain complexity of sensory experience, as an alternate form of knowledge about the senses and how we ‘read’ the world around us. An aspect of inquiry or doubt is introduced to leave the process of questioning open, and to allow for more questions to enter.


Exhibition: The body imitates the landscape: a frame, a collaboration with composer Claudio F. Baroni.

February – March 2020

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