Natalia Ossef

In her work Natalia Ossef questions the intimate relationship between the individual and the context in which it finds itself: the landscape, the collective, the past and the present. She is particularly interested in the way context shapes and influences an individual’s identity. Personal identity continuously takes on new form as it responds to the ongoing dialogue between the individual and the surroundings. Ossef researches this process using historic symbols, the body, handmade and found objects and actions. These underline just how personal identity keeps moving and growing, depending on the individual’s environment. After graduating from the HKU University of the Arts in 2011, Natalia Ossef frequently showed her work in Utrecht and beyond, in Amsterdam, Basel, Berlijn, New York and Paris. Her work is included in collections of the Centraal Museum, ING Art Collection (The Netherlands), Eskff Collection (United States) and CCA Andratx (Spain), and in private collections in Europa, North- and South-America. Natalia Ossef completed her Master of Visual Arts with Honours at Sint Lucas Antwerpen in 2019.

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Recalling Metaphors, 2020

Colored pencil, watercolor, paper. 2020.

Earth Pieces Process 3

Fine art print. 2020.

Earth Pieces process 1

Fine art print. 2020.

Earth Pieces Process 2

Fine art print. 2020.


Before it stirs the surface | 17 April - 26 June 2021

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