20 Sep 2023

Visit In Stock

In between exhibitions at the gallery you can see the works of several artists in our IN STOCK-space by appointment. Mail galleryspace@movementexposed.com or send an app to 06-50656258. Photo: Breathe, dreams may follow (Margret Wibmer, 2020)

28 Aug 2023

Composer Kate Moore during Gaudeamus Festival at the gallery

A Beautiful Path: Plein Air Composing (prologue) Concept, composition and performance: Kate Moore Visual director: Isabelle Vigier Live performance: Thursday 7 September at 7.15 pm & 10 pm (tickets ) Exhibition: Friday 8 until Saturday 16 September from 12 am until 5 pm (free admission) Photo: Kate Moore (Oxford, summer 2023)

18 Aug 2023

Essay on the work of Natalia Ossef in new book The Roundness of Loss by Hanne Hagenaars

The roundness of loss is a book on art as an ‘in memoriam’. This publication contains poems, personal texts, works by Hanne Hagenaars and texts based on artworks by others among which Natalia Ossef. A book about loss, grieving, missing and rituals. How we can keep a loved one who has died close to us? Using specific artworks, Hagenaars discusses the possible ways a person can ‘live on’ and the context of this commemoration. How does remembrance relate to ideas about […]

17 May 2023

Last week! Stop by at Thursday 31 August

In June and August Summer Expo 2023 is on show at Movement Exposed Gallery Space. This group exhibition consists of photos by Natalia Ossef in dialogue with the photos by Margret Wibmer and Isabelle Vigier and a porcelain painting by Ruta Butkute. Starting from different artistic visions, work methods and media, shared themes and interconnections surface. Improvisation and interaction with the surroundings, and with found and newly created objects are at the core of this first Summer Expo at the gallery.  During […]

16 Mar 2023
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