Essay on the work of Natalia Ossef in new book The Roundness of Loss by Hanne Hagenaars

The roundness of loss is a book on art as an ‘in memoriam’. This publication contains poems, personal texts, works by Hanne Hagenaars and texts based on artworks by others among which Natalia Ossef. A book about loss, grieving, missing and rituals. How we can keep a loved one who has died close to us? Using specific artworks, Hagenaars discusses the possible ways a person can ‘live on’ and the context of this commemoration. How does remembrance relate to ideas about life and death, to religion, spirituality or the social context?

The essay about the work of Natalia Ossef was originally published in 2021 at the occasion of the exhibition Reflecting Reflections at Centraal Museum Utrecht. Hanne Hagenaars adapted the essay for her recently published book. You can read it in Dutch at: Mister Motley.

The Roundness of Loss (ENGLISH|DUTCH) by Hanne Hagenaars is published by Art Paper Editions.

For enquiries about the drawings and works that are accompanying the essay, contact our gallery at galleryspace@movemementexposed.com | 06 – 50656256

Drawing: Primal Images series 2.2 (2023) | Natalia Ossef


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