Before It Stirs The Surface | Natalia Ossef

17 April – 26 June 2021

Focusing on the body as an instrument of language, Natalia Ossef draws on gestures and elements from her ancestors’ movement and actions and finds her personal narrative in their renewed execution. Natalia Ossef’s most recent works came about in early 2020 during a residency at Joya: Air in Velez Blanco, Spain. The natural surroundings there offered her space to reflect on human history. With the surrounding landscape dotted with Aleppo pines, it was as if she had returned to her native ground in Syria.

The historic actions and rituals she performed implied a return to antiquity, and the desolate, lonely place offered her the stillness needed to create these new works. In her performance video Before It Stirs The Surface, Ossef researches the ritual of breaking ground and movement that is repeated time and again: now and in generations to come. The female energy is called back into the earth. At Movement Exposed Gallery Space she is also showing photographs, an installation, and a series of paintings.  

Impression of the exhibition

Documentation Natalia Ossef / Movement Exposed (Rosa Lommen)

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