Continuum | Annabel Garriga

25 September – 30 October 2021

With Continuüm Annabel Garriga is turning a new leaf in her work, which is closely connected to her ongoing research into the human body, both as subject matter and in the embodied approach to her visual art. These varied approaches through time form a continuum within which her artistry continues to develop.

Her background as a yoga teacher nurtures her active interest in the philosophy of yoga and Hindu cosmology. With experimentation and material research as its main drivers, her graphic work started out as figurative. Since then she has shifted her focus to an abstract method to arrive at the essence. She is now showing the initial results, the elements ‘earth’ and ‘air’, at MEGS. With the unique series ‘Persona’ she is showcasing small-scale, intimate mixed-media works on paper. 

Annabel Garriga graduated from the HKU in 2007. She has presented solo exhibitions featuring her graphic work, for which she used techniques such as monoprint and photopolymer at Ceasuur Galerie in Middelburg, in Utrecht City Hall and elsewhere. She took part in various group exhibitions, such as the 2011 Summer Exhibition at Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. Her work has been on show in Finland and France. Over the past few years, Annabel Garriga has also moved into improv dance as a performer, working with choreographers Iris van Peppen and Marisa Grande.

Continuüm | Annabel Garriga

Foto: Rosa Lommen | MEGS

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