Rephrase | Margret Wibmer

Continues from 4 March – 10 April 2021 (Opening 21 November 2020)

The exhibition Rephrase is the gallery’s initiative to introduce visual artist Margret Wibmer to Utrecht. Wibmer was a student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna before she departed for New York in the 1980s. Her time there has had a lasting impact on the development of her work, which she has continued from her base in Amsterdam since 1990. 

The central work in the exhibition Rephrase is the video Relay. In a kinetic gown which Wibmer painstakingly hemmed herself, the performers – friends of the artist – conjure a wealth of references, for which each draws on their personal cultural and physical memories. By editing the video images of the individually filmed performers, Margret Wibmer, working with Florian Krepcik, has created a movement composition that resembles a show inside a ‘Black box.’ Digitalisation offers a different range of possibilities than live performance, but the images are projected in such a way inside the Movement Exposed Gallery Space that viewers experience a close proximity to the performers and the embodied experience takes centre stage.

The Relay project’s many qualities are reflected in the book of the same name and a number of fascinating portraits of the performers.

Impression of the exhibition

Documentation: Margret Wibmer / Movement Exposed (Rosa Lommen)


Several works created by Margret Wibmer are offered for sale through the gallery. You can find an overview of the available works here.

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