The Body Imitates the Landscape : a Frame | Adi Hollander

In collaboration with Claudio F Baroni & ensemble Maze

7 February until 14 March 2020

From February 7, Movement Exposed Gallery Space presents a project conceived on the cutting edge of different art disciplines and technology. Tailor-made to fit the compact space of the gallery, artist Adi Hollander has created an excerpt from her large-scale sound installation The Body Imitates the Landscape. By capturing one ‘frame’ as it were, the work offers spectators opportunities to engage the entire body as a listener. With The Body Imitates the Landscape, a Frame, Movement Exposed Gallery Space is zooming in on the range of ways audiences can undergo a work of art.

The project was inspired by Karada, an essay by Japanese author Michitaro Tada about the ‘theory of the body’. Adi Hollander has created a sensory experience that echoes the textual experience of reading the book. Adi Hollander: “Every person, hearing or non-hearing, can experience music with their body. But hearing people don’t usually pay attention to the tactile sensations of vibrations. Taking my own hearing ‘limitations’ into consideration, I have created an interactive artwork that emphasizes the materiality of sound.”

The audience rests their body on specially designed inflatable modules with water mattresses or tactile wooden benches with speakers inside. Together they are arranged like a Japanese garden. Ripples of sound emanate audibly, physically and visually outward from these modules. 

Claudio F. Baroni has written an hour-long piece for the MAZE ensemble in which whispered voices become music, reflecting the intimate relationship between audience, sound and object.

Impression of the exhibition

Photos Rosa Lommen / Movement Exposed Gallery Space

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