Music and sound compositions of exhibitions and exhibiting artists on CD

Music and sound play an important role in several exhibitions. The especially composed music for these interdisciplinary collaborations can be heard on the cd’s of the independent label UNSOUNDS. These are available at the gallery, as are several recordings of composer Kate Moore.

The Body Imitates the Landscape: opera for whispered voices written by Claudio F Baroni and performed by MAZE Ensemble. Inspired by the Japanese book Karada about the ‘school of the body’ written by Michitaro Tada.

Safe Piece: an intuitive, imaginative and humoristic soundscape by componer and guitarist Andy Moor (contains the film version of Safe Piece)

Ridgeway: compositions by Kate Moore based on youth memories of places and sensorial experiences, with amongst other pieces Ridgeway (2009) and The Dam (2015, Matthijs Vermeulen Prize 2017).

Revolver: originally composed by Kate Moore for a dance piece by artist Ken Unsworth and The Australian Dance Artists. With musicians Anna McMichael, Rowena Macneish, Kirsty McCahon, Genevieve Lang and Claire Edwardes.

The independent label UNSOUNDS releases contemporary composition, experimental improvisation and sound art on vinyl, cd and digitally. The catalogue of the label contains works of founding members guitarist Andy Moor, composer and sound artist Yannis Kyriakides and designer and visual artist Isabelle Vigier, and others.


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