Music for Safe Piece by Andy Moor

Andy Moor: Music for Safe Piece

Music for Safe Piece by composer and musician Andy Moor is a sequel to the long-run project Safe Piece, which started as a movement research in a dance studio, transformed into a series of live shows attended by a small audience, took shape in a film and was later on presented as an installation at Movement Exposed Gallery Space in 2020. Safe Piece was originally conceived by choreographer and dancer Valentina Campora and was further developed together with video artist Isabelle Vigier and Andy Moor diving into and revealing the specific qualities of the different media and perspectives involved.

Listening to Music for Safe Piece lays out a landscape of guitar, the sounds of moving bodies and voices in the studio and onstage of the playing and performing Campora Moor family: Andy Moor (guitar), Valentina Campora (dance) and Elio & Milo Campora Moor (movement and voices). The material for the CD was recorded on location between 2013 and 2019.

Since 2019 the film Safe Piece has been presented at several international film festivals. The Music for Safe Piece CD includes a QR code for Safe Piece ( a film) by Isabelle Vigier and Valentina Campora (2019, 25 “).

Music for Safe Piece is available at Movement Exposed Gallery Space and at UNSOUNDS.

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