Summer Expo 2023

June & August

In June and August Summer Expo 2023 is on show at Movement Exposed Gallery Space. This group exhibition consists of photos by Natalia Ossef in dialogue with the photos by Margret Wibmer and Isabelle Vigier and a porcelain painting by Ruta Butkute. Starting from different artistic visions, work methods and media, shared themes and interconnections surface. Improvisation and interaction with the surroundings, and with found and newly created objects are at the core of this first Summer Expo at the gallery.

Binnenkort: solo Ruta Butkute | November 2023

Ruta Butkute | Collide #3 | 2023 | porcelain | Ø 45,5 cm

No Earth Piece Image

Natalia Ossef | Earth Pieces 3.2 | 2020 | 3.2, 50 x 75 cm | fine art print

Margret Wibmer | The Walze | 2020 | fine art print | 70 x 50 cm

Margret Wibmer The Walze

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