A Beautiful Path: Stopover Utrecht | Kate Moore

5 – 28 September

Halfway through her journey A Beautiful Path: The Ox Way, composer Kate Moore makes a stopover in Utrecht, presenting a sound installation and live performances in dialogue with the photographic documentary by artist Isabelle Vigier at Movement Exposed Gallery Space in September 2024. 

A Beautiful Path is a walking route composed and designed by Moore, running from the east of The Netherlands to the most western point of Ireland. In 2023, the project was introduced during Gaudeamus festival in the form of a prologue, outlining the intention of the project and to kick off the beginning of this two year creative research trajectory.  From here Moore began her walking journey walking across countries, composing and performing. In essence, A Beautiful Path is an open air composition studiothat allows her to engage with the lustrous landscapes, learning the environments and how they speak whilst connecting the histories and cultures of the land and her personal family heritage. Moore follows river paths, ancient drover roads, pilgrimage ways and the routes of oxen in bygone times, absorbing nature and its elements, singing and playing troubadour instruments for coincidental bystanders and piece by piece, building a story connected to this experience. This continual work in progress evolves over time. An epic cycle of stories and songs created along the path begin to emerge, connected to each other to form an otherworldly narrative capturing the essence of the land itself, the major protagonist in this epic theater. The cycle is, according to the composer, in the form of a “lyre song” inspired by ancient bards who told the histories of place through poetry and stories, sung and chanted from memory using the lyre as an accompaniment and mnemonic instrument. 

Follow the journey A Beautiful Path: The Ox Way

Kate Moore Photo Isabelle Vigier Beautiful Path

A Beautiful Path: The Ox Way – sound installation

The sound installation A Beautiful Path: The Ox Way is a sonic map in narrative form depicting the way of the journey through The Netherlands, England, Wales and Ireland, and functions as a memory scape. The recordings of Moore’s performances along the road, playing primeval instruments such as the vielle and the lyre, field recordings and singing, are captured in the sound installation. This map is inspired by ancient oral traditions and Aboriginal song lines.

A Beautiful Path: Ossenlied Part I – live performance (30 minutes)

A Beautiful Path: Ossenlied Part I is the first part of a composition that has evolved out of the first months of walking and covers the tracks that have led Kate to the middle point of A Beautiful Path, which is her birthplace Oxford. A Beautiful Path: Ossenlied Part I will be performed live for the audience in Utrecht with troubadour instruments, voice and songs.

Desire Lines

The photo exhibition Desire Lines is a visual interpretation of Kate Moore’s project A Beautiful Path by artist Isabelle Vigier, who has regularly walked along. She captures the composer’s presence in the landscapes she traverses and documents the unique nature of this artistic research.

Kate Moore: concept, composition, sound installation, live performance

Isabelle Vigier: photographic documentation

Kate Moore Photo Isabelle Vigier Mersea Beach

Photos: Isabelle Vigier

Opening hours during Gaudemaus Festival: 

Thursday 5 until Sunday 8 September from 12 am until 5 pm 

Friday  6 September official opening

Live performance: to be announced

A Beautiful Path is presented in collaboration with

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