01 Sep 2022


On 8 September 2022 at 6.15 pm, 7.30 pm and 8.15 pm Tickets Aural Record is an installation and a performance, but most of all a process of exploration through ceramics as ingredients for a new musical recipe. In this project, pianist Nicoletta Favari and percussionist Christopher Salvito from the Passepartout Duo have sought to let the sounds of physical spaces interact with the voices of invisible magnetic fields through the very simple ceramic forms present in the installation. Aural […]

01 Sep 2022
03 Dec 2021

Kunst is Lang with Natalia Ossef

On 16 November Natalia Ossef was present during the Kunst is Lang-podcast by Mister Motley. The interview by Luuk Heezen on her werk, such as the above mentioned Earth Pieces, her development as as artist and her artistic vision can be listened to via the Spotify-link (in Dutch). Of klik hier om de aflevering via apple podcasts te beluisteren.

05 Nov 2021

Let your body do all the talking

With Let your body do all the talking #3  Ruta Butkute invites the spectator to discover the possibilities offered by this spatial installation. Spatial and relational aspects are steadily gaining in importance in her work, coming alongside its material and physical characteristics. The performance video of Let your body do all the talking is also on show during the exhibition Tumble at Movement Exposed Gallery Space.

05 Nov 2021

In Stock

Several works by Natalia Ossef, Isabelle Vigier and Margret Wibmer are on show in our IN STOCK space. In addiction to the online presentation of their works on the website, a selection of photos, drawings and installations can be visited at Buurkerkhof. Mail us or give us a call at 06 – 506 56 258.

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